What New Leaders Need to Know About Delegating Work

  • If someone else can and should be doing this important task, what barriers do I need to remove so they can do it?
  • Am I reluctant to delegate responsibility because of my own emotional attachment or because of judicious business prudence?
Image credit of Joshua Hoehne via Unsplash.

What Stops Leaders from Delegating?

Delegation Mistake #1: Micromanaging Delegated Work

Delegation Mistake #2: Dumping Work on a Team Member

Delegation Mistake #3: Delegating the Wrong Tasks

Delegation Mistake #4: Overdependence on Superstar Employees

Image credit of Jon Tyson via Unsplash.

Ask These Questions to Help Delegate Work

  • What are your team members interested in?
  • Do your team members have the capacity for new assignments?
  • Can you help team members delegate or off-load work they do not enjoy to take on more interesting or fulfilling work?
  • What are your team members’ professional goals and could delegated assignments help them achieve those objectives?

Effective Delegation Makes Teams Successful



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