What Generation Z Wants from Leaders

You may not have realized that Generation Z has entered the workplace. Well, here I am.

By Julianne Spataro

Frequent feedback

Receiving feedback from supervisors isn’t a new idea. It’s a concept that transcends generations. Though, Gen Z differs in both how and how often we prefer to receive feedback.

Innovative projects

While Gen Z workers want more frequent feedback from their managers, they’re also yearning for opportunities to showcase their entrepreneurial spirit. As I was researching this trait of my generation, I began to see myself aligning more with the millions of individuals born into this cohort.

Skill development

Gen Zers aren’t only innovators-they’re also learning-focused. Because Gen Z is the most highly educated generation with the highest percentages of individuals pursing college and a significantly lower high school dropout rate compared to previous generations, its members have created a culture of continuous growth and learning. And that interest in growth and learning extends beyond graduation from post-secondary school. Gen Z wants its leaders in the workplace to provide lifelong training and development programs to update and advance their everchanging skills.

Competitive structure

Millennials may have been the generation of open floor plans and the “we’re all in this together” mentality, but Gen Z works differently because they consider themselves to be highly individualized workers.

High-tech environments

While members of Gen Z value a competitive structure in the workplace, they also value a high-tech working environment-after all, members of Gen Z are true digital natives. I was in computer class as early as first grade being taught the Microsoft suite. I learned how to type in middle school using orange typing covers that hid the letters on the keys (other members of Gen Z will recall this experience).

Your next generation of workers is here

I recommend when your organization hires members of Gen Z, you get to know them personally. They may align with most attributes of their generation, but there will be some variation from person-to-person.

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