Tips for New Manager Success

How to Act When You’re the New Boss

What Skills Do You Need as a New Boss?

How to Build a Good Relationship with Your Team as a New Boss

What Does the Team Expect from Their New Boss?

  1. Shared Purpose: Employees are looking for a sense of shared purpose. They want to know why they’re doing something. They also want to know how and why it makes a difference.
  2. Role Clarity: Team members need a clear understanding of who does what. This is especially important with remote work. Role clarity enables employees to remain focused on achieving goals and helps leaders avoid micromanagement.
  3. Growth: Employees expect to be able to learn and grow to improve their performance. Leaders should provide coaching and feedback for improvement as well as opportunities to grow. Providing team members with “stretch” assignments is just one way to help employees develop their skills.
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Important Allies to Make as a New Boss

Tips for Your First Week as a New Boss

Your First 90 Days as a New Boss

  • Be authentic. They are trustworthy and their actions mirror their beliefs.
  • Bring out the best in people. They know what motivates and interests their team members. They foster an environment in which people can develop and thrive.
  • Be receptive to feedback. They know that their own development requires gathering information about their performance as a leader.

How You Start as a New Boss Is Crucial



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