Tips for Leading Through Change

The Challenge of Leading Through Change

  • Volatile: The rate of change is increasing in an unpredictable or unrepeatable pattern. Think about how quickly governments changed the social interaction rules as COVID case rates rose and fell.
  • Uncertain: The past does not predict the future. At the start of 2020, unemployment skyrocketed in many industries in a matter of months.
  • Complex: Many causes and mitigating factors are difficult to understand. During COVID, global interconnected just-in-time supply chains couldn’t keep up with demand for basic goods like toilet paper and supermarket items for the first time in three generations.
  • Ambiguous: Lack of clarity about the meaning of an event. We are so inundated with data that identifying what is relevant and what is not can be time consuming and counterproductive.

A Framework to Help Leaders Through Change

How Remote Work Changed Our Workforce

Strategy #1: Collaboration Days

Strategy #2: Magic Time

Embracing the New Relationship With Work



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