Retainment Best Practices for Leaders to Keep Their Best Employees

Retaining Good Employees Is Possible During High Turnover Times

Characteristics of Good Employees

  • Knowledge: what they know
  • Experience: what they have done
  • Competencies: how they behave
  • Personal Attributes: dispositions, qualities, and traits that facilitate success or failure in a job

Why Good Employees Leave: Burnout Is a Big Reason

Why Good Employees Leave: Their Manager’s Behavior

  • The managers are generally hard to reach, meaning their employees feel exposed.
  • They leave the managing to others, meaning they aren’t adding as much value as they could be because they aren’t as present.
  • The managers micromanage everyone, giving the impression that they have low-to-no trust in their team. Or the micromanaging happens because the managers are full of their own self-importance. And this can result in their employees thinking, “If you’re so smart, then you figure it out.”
  • They might schedule too many unproductive meetings, wasting valuable time which just frustrates people.

Why Good Employees Leave: Their Manager’s Attitude

Financial Reasons for Good Employees Leaving

Best Leadership Practices for Retaining Good Employees

Photo credit: Brooke Cagle via Unsplash

7 Factors Most Predictive of Engagement and Long-Term Retention

  1. Employees know what constitutes good performance in their role.
  2. Employees have a clear understanding of their future career path in the organization.
  3. Employees feel that their direct manager genuinely cares about their wellbeing.
  4. Employees have a high-quality development plan.
  5. Employees receive effective coaching from their manager.
  6. Employees get feedback on their skills.
  7. Employees have access to the information and tools needed to do their job well.

Good Leaders Are Crucial to Helping Employees Stay



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