Do You Have the Motivation to Lead? 10 Questions to Ask Yourself

Leadership Isn’t for Everyone

Determining Your Motivation to Lead: 10 Leadership Questions to Ask Yourself

1. Are you interested in the power or the responsibility?

2. Are you motivated to lead?

3. Do you interact well with others?

4. Do you learn from past experiences and seek out new ones?

5. Are you confident and trustworthy?

6. Can you adjust to new people and situations, including those that are unclear and ambiguous?

7. Are you ready to give up a lot of your time to help others?

8. Are you really open to constructive criticism and feedback?

9. Are you comfortable having difficult conversations?

10. Are you willing to be accountable for not only your actions but also for the actions of your team?

Leadership Questions to Ask Yourself: What Your Answers Say



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