5 Critical Steps to Creating a Successful Virtual Classroom Experience

  • And second, leaders still must lead. Especially now. As they live through a real-time case history in crisis management, leaders need to be at the top of their games. And for those who suddenly find themselves leading virtual teams for the first time, they may need new skill they haven’t had to rely on before.

What to watch out for

To use virtual classroom training to develop the skills your leaders most need now, watch out for the following:

  • Is interactivity involved, or could it be covered by an email or short document?
  • What are the outcomes we are looking to achieve?

Results are grounded in planning

I hope these five areas of focus for creating a successful virtual classroom experience have not intimidated you. It is entirely possible to be effective in executing virtual classroom sessions, but the more planning you put in place, the better behavior change returns you will receive.

  • “I have been leading virtually for the last 11 years, so thought I had little to learn in this front. However, DDI’s program made me aware of some issues that I was not paying close enough attention to. As one example, I learned that it is not enough to simply trust your virtually-led colleagues; I have to make the effort to demonstrate and show them that I trust them.” -First-level manager, Software Company



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